Check out the Pursuit of Mappyness for an easy way to map out campus events, dining hall menus, and nearby laundry machines and printers.

Campus Events

View events listed on TigerCal here. To filter this list, drag the slider below or click any of the buildings to the left.

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Dining Hall Menus

Browse the day's menus for our campus dining halls.

Laundry Machines

Find available washers and dryers tracked by the University's LaundryView service.

OIT "All Clusters" Printers

View all printers accessible through the print queue "All_Clusters" on \\scsprint-prod1. To connect to this queue from your personal machine, see the OIT KnowledgeBase.

Campus Locations

Click any building to the left, or enter a location name in the search bar, to find a place on campus!

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